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Mainline diesel locomotive. MGL-4000

Mainline diesel locomotive. MGL-4000 zoom — #

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Two-section mainline diesel locomotive TG16M is designed to operate on 1,067/1,520 mm gauge railways in a temperate climate.

Locomotive is equipped with advanced motor 12DM-21L with improved indicators of efficiency and environmental friendliness (produced by Ural Diesel Motor Plant LLC, Ekaterinburg).


  •  The locomotive is highly reliable and has better traction properties in comparison with TG16 diesel locomotives.

  •  It is equipped with advanced hydraulic transmission L530breU2 (Voith Turbo, Germany)

  •  Modular cooling systems are applied.

  •  The locomotive has a microprocessor-based monitoring, control and diagnostic system MPSUiD.

  •  Модульная кабина машиниста обеспечивает гидропередачи, микроклиматом и тепловозом в целом. (Modular driver's cab ensures operation of hydraulic transmission, a microclimate system and a diesel locomotive in general)

  •  Improved labor conditions for locomotive crews.

  •  Bogie frame is unified for track gauges of 1,067 and 1,520 mm due to the possibility of adjusting wheel pairs.

Technical specifications

Full locomotive power, kW (hp)

1,470´2 = 2,940/(2,000´2 = 4,000)

Gauge, mm


Diesel locomotive service weight, t:


Wheel arrangement


Design speed, m/s (km/h) for 1,067 mm gauge / for 1,520 mm gauge

27.7 (100)

Continuous mode speed, m/s (km/h)

5.56 (20)

Static load from wheel pair on rails, kN (tf)

205.8 (21)

Traction force, kN (tf), not less:

- at starting (where φ=0.33)

471.5 (48.1)

- continuous operation for 1,067 mm gauge / for 1,520 mm gauge

345 (35.2)

Type of traction transmission

hydraulic transmission

Minimum traversible curve radius, m, no more


Overall dimensions, mm:

- length on automatic coupling axles

17,750×2 = 35,500

- automatic coupling height from rail heads for 1,067 mm gauge / for 1,520 mm gauge


Number of driving axles

(2–2) ´2=8

Wheel tread circle diameter, mm: