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Shunting diesel locomotive. SDEL-2400/2400M

Shunting diesel locomotive. SDEL-2400/2400M zoom — #

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Unique single-section shunting diesel locomotive TEM14 with two diesel motors is designed for shunting, shunting and clean-up, humping works at stations and easy mainline operations on 1,520 mm gauge railways in regions with temperate climate for state-owned railways and industrial enterprises.

Two DG-882L diesel generator sets with a capacity of 882 kW were used as power plants (produced by Ural Diesel Motor Plant, Ekaterinburg).


  •  The concept of a locomotive with two diesel motors is based on the most efficient use of effective output, depending on operation performed, to save fuel and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

  •  The locomotive's cabin provides comfortable working conditions for a driver, introduction of video surveillance system expands the possibilities of visual control of the situation during operation.

  •  Application of advanced pre-starting heaters at TEM14 ensures easy start of the locomotive in winter conditions.

  • The locomotive is fitted with a system of automatic start of diesel motors depending on the traction load.

  •  Fuel savings of TEM14 locomotive during its operation is 20% compared to TEM7A diesel locomotive.

  •  Снижение стоимости жизненного цикла 6-9% от стоимости тепловоза. Life cycle cost reduced by 6-9% of the cost of the locomotive)

Technical specifications


Wheel arrangement

2о+2о – 2о+2о

Full locomotive power, kW (hp)

1,764 (2,400)

Overall dimensions according to GOST 9238


Gauge, mm


Diesel locomotive service weight, no more, t:


Design speed, m/s (km/h)

27.7 (100)

Continuous mode speed, m/s (km/h)

2.92 (10.5)

Static load from wheel pair on rails, no more, tf



Starting traction force (where φсц=0.33), not less, kN (tf)


- at starting, not less

582.12 (59.4)

– continuous mode, not less

431.2 (44)

Type of traction transmission

Electric, AC - DC

Minimum radius of the curve passable by one section of the locomotive at a speed of 10 km/h, m, not less


Overall dimensions, mm:


- length on automatic coupling axles


- maximum width


- maximum height, no more


- automatic coupling height from rail heads


Servicing terminal stocks, kg, not less:


– diesel fuel


- sand, kg, not less