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Mainline diesel locomotive. MDEL-3350

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Single-section eight-axle single-cabin freight diesel locomotive TE8 of increased capacity with a SuperSkid power plant (General Electric, USA), is designed to meet the needs of mining, oil and gas, chemical industries that require powerful clean-up equipment for development of raw material deposits.

The locomotive includes a number of promising technical solutions, is equipped with an electric AC - DC transmission, a bonnet-type body, advanced control and safety systems, a radio control system, and a rheostatic brake.


  •  The locomotive is adapted for operation under difficult territorial and climatic conditions.

  •  Modern comfortable working conditions for locomotive crews are ensured by advanced workplaces arrangement, optimal sanitary and household conditions, including in terms of heat and noise insulation.

  •  The diesel locomotive applies innovative hardware and software technical solutions in terms of console equipment and the locomotive control system.

  •  Multiple unit system in operation is available.

Technical specifications

Power of the diesel locomotive section diesel motor, kW (hp)

2,460 (3,300)

Diesel locomotive design speed at full

wheel pair tread, m/s (km/h)


27.8 (100)

Continuous mode rail tractive force with

new wheel pair treads, kN (tf), not less


434 (44.2)

Continuous mode speed, not less, km/h


Gauge, mm


Starting traction force, tf

512 (52.12)

Overall dimensions

1T (GOST 9238)

Section service weight (with 2/3 fuel and sand reserves), t


Wheel arrangement


Static load from wheel pair


on rails, tf


Wheel tread circle diameter with new treads, mm


Minimum traversible curve radius, m


Сертификат ТЭ8