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Shunting diesel locomotive. SDEL-1200

Shunting diesel locomotive. SDEL-1200 zoom — #

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Four-axle shunting and clean-up locomotive of TEM9 series with AC-DC electric transmission and individual wheel pair drive is designed for shunting and clean-up work on 1,520 mm gauge railways and industrial enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, energy sector, industrial railway transport enterprises, construction industry and others.

Diesel locomotive is equipped with advanced diesel generator set DG-882 (produced by Ural Diesel Motor Plant LLC, Ekaterinburg).



  •  Advanced modular assembly principle, which significantly improves locomotive operating and maintenance conditions.

  •  Four-axle structure allows to significantly reduce weight of a locomotive, which provides increased maneuverability and less load on track.

  •  Electric transmission applied at TEM9 ensures reliability and maintainability, increasing the locomotive's efficiency in comparison with locomotives with hydraulic transmissions TGM4B, TGM6D.

  •  The locomotive is equipped with a microprocessor-based monitoring, control and diagnostics system, an integrated ALSN locomotive safety device.

  •  The locomotive’s cabin is made in accordance with advanced ergonomic requirements: increased cabin volume, improved heat and noise insulation, ergonomic control panels and driver’s seats have been installed, transport version of air conditioning and a refrigerator for food products have been installed.

Technical specifications


Key parameters and dimensions


Full diesel motor power, kW (hp)

882 (1,200)

Wheel arrangement


Diesel locomotive’s weight, t


Overall dimensions according to GOST 9238-83


Gauge, mm


Static load from wheel pair on rails, tf


Design speed

27.7 (100)

Traction force, kN (tf), not less:


- at starting

291 (29.7)

- continuous work

216 (22)

Type of traction transmission

electric, AC - DC

Minimum traversible curve radius, m, no more


Length on automatic coupling axles


Servicing terminal stocks, kg:


- fuel


- sand


Wheel tread circle diameter, mm



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