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Track traction machine. TTM-630

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The track traction machine (diesel locomotive and a power plant) is designed for energy supply and transportation of track machines that do not have their own power plants The machine can be used as a traction unit when performing shunting and clean-up operations. PTM-630 has great traction properties in a wide range of speeds when working with ballast cleaning machines and other track machines, it is able to transport them to the place of work, to transport technological rolling stock, work as a traction unit when performing shunting and clean-up works with a train of up to 3,000 tons, and can also be used to power stationary objects powered by alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 400 or 220 V.

Technical specifications

Power, kW


Main generator current type

three-phase AC 400V, 50Hz

Service weight, t


Traction force in an operating mode, tf:

• high speed mode 0.6...1.2 km/h


• low speed mode 0.06...0.6 km/h


Overall dimensions according to GOST 9238-83


Track gauge, mm


Speed of self-propelled vehicle in transport mode on the site, km/h:

• high speed mode with a trailed load of 900 tons


• low speed mode with a trailed load of 3,000 tons


Transportation speed as a part of a train, km/h