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Self-propelled snow removal train. SSRT-1

Self-propelled snow removal train. SSRT-1 zoom — #

  • Description
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Self-propelled snow cleaning train PSS-1 is designed for cleaning snow and contaminators from station tracks, turnouts and necks of railway track, with loading into the body and mechanized unloading in designated areas.

Technical specifications:

Maximum rated performance:

- of a rotor when cleaning snow, m3/h


- of a rotor when cleaning contaminators, m3/h


- of active ice remover, m3/h


- of exhaust rotor, m3/h


Maximum height of cleaned layer in one pass, m (snow, ice)

0.8, 0.2

Maximum width of an area to be cleaned, m:

- snow with rotor feeder, snow with side wings

2.4, 5.3

- snow with side brushes, ice with active ice removers

4.3, 3.2

- Max. operating speed of operation, km/h:

- with feeding rotor, ice remover

4.8, 2.0

Transportation speed, km/h, no more:

- self-propelled, empty, on a site, as a part of a train

70, 90

Continuous power of diesel generator set, kW