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Multipurpose track complex. MTC-1

Multipurpose track complex. MTC-1 zoom — #

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KPU-1 is designed for complex mechanization of track work during restoration, construction and repair, current maintenance of railway tracks (single track, multi-track, station) with assembled rails and sleepers on wooden and reinforced concrete sleepers with a track width of 1,520 and 1,435 mm, with a different sleep pattern for the sleepers, with rails of P43, P50, P65, P75 types and any kind of ballast materials used.

KPU is a complex consisting of two autonomous construction single-bucket wheel loaders on a combined run (pneumatic road run and rail for traveling along a railway track of 1,520 and 1,435 mm gauge with rails of Р43, Р50, R65, P75 types), with interchangeable operating equipment. Complex mobility is ensured through application of a combined travel. Versatility of the complex is ensured by a large number of modules for various operations equipped with universal grips.

All actions associated with the complex control are performed by the operator (driver) from the cab.

The complex is additionally equipped with a remote control panel to ensure safety at work. KPU-1 is easy to control and maintain.


Tamping and alignment:

- when lifting to screed sleepers up to 20 mm - at least 300 sleepers/h;

- with continuous tamping - at least 200 sleepers/h.

Cleaning the upper bed of sleepers with a thickness of the layer to be removed up to 50 mm - up to 3 km/h.

Formation of a ballast section or redistribution of ballast - up to 0.35 km/h.

Batching plant — 0.25-0.35 km/h.

Single sleepers replacement - 35 sleepers/h.

The time of transfer of the working equipment (mounted type) to the working position (with a race on a track in zero point) - no more than 7 minutes.

Remounting time for operating devices is no more than 15 minutes.