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Multifunctional track machine PUMA

Multifunctional track machine PUMA zoom — #

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Universal track machine PUMA 2000 combines the advantages of three machines: straightening and tamping (to eliminate single defects), ballast regulation machine (with brush device and hopper for crushed stone accumulation) and dynamic track stabilizer.

Crushed stone is regulated by side and middle ploughs. The middle plough has rigidly mounted and adjustable guide shields that can be adjusted so that the movement of crushed stone in any desired direction is carried out in one pass. Dust precipitating irrigation device is mounted on the machine. All adjustments are made from the driver's seat in the front cabin. Special working parts at the rear of the machine stabilize the position of the track after tamping. At the rear part, a stabilizer is equipped with Palfinger loading crane with a three-section hydraulic arm. Devices for transporting 20 reinforced concrete or wooden sleepers are installed on the platform of the stabilizing section. Loading and unloading of sleepers, replacing old ones with new ones, is carried out using tongs of Palfinger crane. In addition, a clamshell unit is mounted, which allows extraction of contaminated ballast. PUMA-2000 machine is additionally equipped with a dust suppression system. A stabilizer located at the rear of the machine dynamically stabilizes the track after tamping.

Technical specifications

Diesel generator set, V


Wheel tread circle diameter, mm


Total axels number


Maximum axle load, t


Hopper capacity, m3


Length on automatic coupling axles, mm


Weight, t


Gauge, mm

1,435, 1,520

Diesel motor power, hp