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11 October 2021 STM will receive a Skolkovo grant for the development of Russian software of high-speed rolling stock digital twins

The R&D Center of Sinara Transport Machines Holding (CIC STM) has passed a screening process of domestic digital technologies pilot projects carried out by the Skolkovo Foundation (VEB.RF Group). During 12 months CIC STM, together with its technology partner LANIT, will work on the project "Pilot Implementation of a Uniform Platform for Creating Digital Twins for Design and Production of High-Speed Rolling Stock and Urban Transport." The work on the project started in July 2021. The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation is to provide a grant that amounts for 55.9 million rubles for the project implementation. Skolkovo acts as a support measure operator.

The result of the project team work will be that the first domestic software in the Russian railway engineering sector is implemented in the field of end-to-end engineering technology. The novelty of the solution consists in the design and technological documentation that are fully digitalized with the use of annotated 3D PMI model. Such IT solution will cover all stages: fr om design to starting the production process. End-to-end technologies will significantly speed up the output of the finished product and expand the capabilities of enterprises which will improve the efficiency of production process and cost management.

“End-to-end design technologies are the next logical step in the STM Holding’s digital transformation which naturally began with the processes of product inception. We are significantly accelerating our internal processes, substantially improving the quality of design and technological solutions and shortening the development and launching time for new types of equipment: high-speed rolling stock, freight and shunting diesel locomotives, track machines and urban transport. We expect that the project will facilitate implementation of electronic interaction with external participants in the process - industry institutes, the Center for Technological Audit of Russian Railways and other enterprises,” said STM’s CEO Viktor Lesh.

The first site for pilot software implementation within STM will be the Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant, wh ere this technology will be used to develop a digital twin of a high-speed platform bogie for container transportation (SPPK, design speed up to 140 km/h). In the future, the solution in question will be implemented in all of the STM Holding’s enterprises.

Kirill Kayem, Senior Vice President for Innovation, Skolkovo Foundation: “Our project with STM is a vivid example of new world-class digital production technologies’ application in Russian mechanical engineering. The support provided by Skolkovo is aimed at stimulating the demand for domestic digital solutions, so that such ambitious projects are based on the products of Russian developers. We hope that the success of the pilot implementation will not only entail the spread of the LANIT solution for creating digital twins in the Russian industry but will also let us enter foreign markets. As of now, we can affirm that the tool implemented by Skolkovo and The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation is successfully working and is very promising. We are waiting for new applications for participation. There is still time until the end of the year to receive a grant or become a participant in the 2022 program."

“The STM project involves a fundamental digital transformation of design processes, which will allow the Holding to respond more quickly to market challenges and reduce the costs of launching new products. The production of railway equipment is a driver for the development of mechanical engineering, and as a result of the project, we expect significant effect for the introduction of digital technologies in other high-tech industries,” said Alexander Romanov, Director of Mechanical Engineering Digital Transformation Department of LANIT.

Skolkovo Foundation is an operator supporting pilot projects for the implementation of domestic digital solutions within the framework of the federal project Digital Technologies of the Digital Economy National Program. CIC STM is an engineering company specializing in the development of railway rolling stock. Since 2020, SIC STM has been a member of the Skolkovo’s Foundation of Energy Efficient Technologies.