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20 October 2021 STM’s Subsidiary Has Signed a Concession Agreement for Development and Operation of Trolleybus Infrastructure in Chelyabinsk

Sinara City Transport Solutions Chelyabinsk (Sinara GTR Chelyabinsk) and the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region have signed a concession agreement for development and operation of trolleybus infrastructure in Chelyabinsk. The next step for the company will be designing of trolleybus infrastructure sites and then getting the State expert appraisal of the necessary documentation.

According to the terms of the agreement, Sinara GTR Chelyabinsk will: deliver 168 units of modern fully low-floor rolling stock (98 of which with the function of increased autonomous running up to 20 km), reconstruct two trolleybus depots, carry out capital repair of three operating traction substations and build three more from scratch. Also 24 other existing substations will be modernized. Moreover, the company will take care of maintenance, implementation of current and major repairs of the site, ensuring its security, as well as organizing timely and uninterrupted transportation of passengers. According to the estimations of Sinara GTR Chelyabinsk’ specialists, the preliminary investment required to fulfill the project conditions will amount to 11.5 billion rubles. The concession agreement expires in 15 years, the project will be implemented in 2021-2023.

“The city-wide trolleybus concession in Chelyabinsk is an important step for the company,” commented Evgeny Vasiliev, General Director of Sinara GTR Chelyabinsk. “Today we are successfully implementing the project of a city-wide tram concession in Taganrog and will apply our experience in Chelyabinsk. The trolleybus traffic, brought into a proper condition and made convenient, first of all for passengers, has a great potential. We will ensure that Chelyabinsk gets the most suitable machines that meet all the requests.”

“Through the instrument of infrastructure loans and concluded concession, Chelyabinsk will witness one of the results of the transport reform already in two years. This is, indeed, a very tight timeline. After all, the result of the work will be a fully modernized city’s trolleybus infrastructure,” explained the Minister of Roads and Transport of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexei Nechayev.

Sinara GTR Chelyabinsk submitted a private concession initiative for the modernization and operation of the trolleybus infrastructure in the capital of the South Urals on July 29, 2021. A positive decision was made on September 14, which was announced on the official website for posting the bidding information in the Russian Federation.