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13 October 2021 Sinara Transport Machines will supply 22 freight electric locomotives 2ES7 “Black Granite” to SilkWay Transit in Kazakhstan

STM’s Trading House (a part of Sinara Transport Machines Holding, STM) and the largest freight operator in Kazakhstan SilkWay Transit have agreed on a delivery of 22 freight two-section electric locomotives 2ES7 Black Granite (that are produced on the Ural Locomotives plant).

The start of the traction rolling stock deliveries is scheduled for the end of 2021. Moreover, the Black Granites will be handed over to the customer within nine months and, according to the contract terms, they will enter commercial operation on the main lines in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of trial operation including 3,000 kilometers of linear run.

“STM Holding aims at a long-term presence in the railway sector of Kazakhstan. The contract has become one of the largest export projects in the history of our company. The reached agreements open up new opportunities, and now we are negotiating a provision of service maintenance for the supplied electric locomotives,” said Anton Zubikhin, General Director of STM’s Trading House. “In the past ten years, the rail freight turnover structure has changed significantly: we can see a west-to-east reorientation. Powerful and efficient electric locomotives 2ES7 are an effective solution for business, they are designed to ensure the realization of the potential set in the carrier's infrastructure, to meet the needs of the industry in transportation of goods.”

Two-section freight AC electric locomotive 2ES7 is designed to provide heavy traffic on AC railway lines in the CIS countries. The Black Granite locomotive is equipped with an asynchronous traction drive that provides high traction force to drive the trains weighing up to 9 thousand ton. At that, the maximum power of the electric locomotive reaches 8.8 MW. 2ES7 is able to overcome limiting ascents and long descents, which will significantly increase the throughput of the mainline traffic of Kazakhstan Railways.

Earlier, STM’s Trading House and Kazakhstan’s company SilkwayTransit also signed an agreement for the supply of four shunting locomotives TEM14. The handover of the locomotives took place in June 2021. In general, since 2007, STM has supplied 46 diesel locomotives of TEM7A, TEM9, TEM14 series, over 80 units of track equipment and 246 hopper batchers to Kazakhstan.