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Trading House STM (TD STM)

Trading House STM promotes the Holding’s products in foreign countries and arranges procurement of major units and parts.

Our company is the center of competences of our holding for sales and procurement of components and commercializes all products related to locomotives and track-equipment.

Business priorities of TD STM
• Commercialization of products of STM Holding’s companies in Russia, CIS and abroad, offering optimal technical, process and price parameters consistent with market requirements.
• Supplying STM’s facilities in a timely and comprehensive manner with components, raw materials and products that have the necessary parameters, delivery conditions and cost.
• Development of cooperation of companies forming the STM group for specific manufacturing operations.
• Centralization of procurement done by STM Holding’s companies in a single responsibility hub, accumulation of flows, enhanced process control and manageability.
• Improvement of flexibility of procurement on foreign markets, implementation of a strategy of alternative suppliers and supplies, and of localizing the production of components for strategic products in the Russian Federation.
• Promotion of products made by STM Holding’s companies by means of trade fairs and exhibitions, industry-specific research and engineering boards, product conferences and development of the Holding’s web portal.

Trading House STM, LLC

4B Podkopayevsky Lane, Noev Kovcheg Business Center, Moscow, 109028 


Phone: +7 (495) 258-71-64