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STM Power Solutions


STM Power Solutions, LLC specializes in the development, production and lifelong service of environmentally friendly lithium-ion and supercapacitor energy storage systems (ESS) for urban public transport (trams, electric buses, trolley-buses), railway equipment, as well as for stationary solutions that ensure uninterrupted energy supply to industrial and residential facilities. The advanced developments of STM Power Solutions, LLC are related to hydrogen power engineering and renewable energy sources (RES): solar and wind power plants.

The company comprises:

  •  a specialized design office that develops new products,
  •  pilot production of new products prototypes and
  •  serial production that manufactures products for delivery to the conveyor of machine-building companies.

Contact details
Head office: 47 Letter X, Stachek Avenue, Room 2-N, 304, St. Petersburg, 198097
Phone: +7 (812) 245-31-39
Email: info@power-solutions.ru

Key projects and stages of development:

  • development and serial production of a hybrid energy storage system for trams to be supplied for the needs of Moscow in 2021-2022;
  • development of a lithium-ion energy storage system for an advanced electric bus with integrated charging;
  • development of a lithium-ion energy storage system for a trolley-bus with an increased self supporting run.