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Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant

Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant is a machine-building enterprise for the production of shunting, shunting and clean-up, and mainline diesel locomotives for industrial enterprises in Russia and countries of the “1520 mm gauge railways”. Part of Sinara Transport Machines since 2007.

Flexible manufacturing is the primary advantage of the plant. The company employs high-skilled personnel, and it is fitted with a wide range of equipment for manufacturing of diesel locomotives of various capacities, with any types of transmissions, in one-section and two-section versions. Advanced products of the plant are in demand by industrial enterprises of Russia; it is represented in most countries of the “1520 mm gauge railways”, in Cuba.


The plant manufactured 18 thousand locomotives over the 60-year history of diesel locomotive building

> 100 thousand square meters is the area of production facilities of the enterprise

60 locomotives of TGM8KM series were ordered by the Union of Cuban Railways

1,590 employees.