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Kaluga Track Machines and Hydraulic Drives Plant

Kaluga Track Machines and Hydraulic Drives Plant is a leading engineering enterprise for the production of track railway equipment for repair, construction and operation of railways. The plant joint Sinara-Transport Machines Holding in March, 2014.

The plant produces track machines, industrial diesel locomotives, hydraulic transmissions for rail motor cars, for industrial and shunting diesel locomotives, for diesel trains, hydraulic torque converters for power units of drilling rigs, hydraulic couplings and process equipment drives.

Kalugaputmash is the only company in Russia producing track cranes, self-propelled rail welding machines, ballast distributors, and hydraulic transmissions for track machines and industrial shunting diesel locomotives.

Track equipment of the Kalugaputmash plant is in great demand among Russian consumers and is also exported to India, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Serbia, Mozambique, Cuba, the CIS and Baltic countries.


up to 1,200 hp - power of hydraulic transmission manufactured by the plant

144 million rubles invested in 2018

2,070 employees