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Remputmash Group

Remputmash Group is a leading Russian manufacturer of track machines and technologies. The company includes six enterprises and six branches located in different cities of Russia, as well as 45 repair and service centers.

RPM Group develops, manufactures and maintains the full range of track equipment necessary for the construction, overhaul and maintenance of railway tracks.

Today, more than 70 types of track machines manufactured by RPM are operated on the railways of Russia, the CIS countries and foreign countries, including track renewal trains, on-track ballast cleaning machines, rail motor cars and motor trolleys, special rolling stock, machines for stabilizing the track, for cleaning and cutting cuvettes, for restoring the profile of the rail head, trains for cleaning, snow removal machines, special rail cars, rail car retarders.

RPM Group joint Sinara-Transport Machines Holding in December, 2018.


> 6,000 employees

350 units of new track equipment are manufactured annually

400 units of track equipment are subject to major repairs annually

> 1,200 units of equipment are subject to routine maintenance in service centers annually.